Writing across the curriculum math examples

By imitating the format of The Important Bookstudents will write create an illustrated paragraph on a particular math topic. Students use the important book format to brainstorm previous knowledge on a topic and knowledge after learning a topic.

Writing across the curriculum math examples

Vansant In most schools, integrated curriculum is writing across the curriculum math examples a hit-and-miss practice than a full-scale, all-out commitment. During that dedicated time, we plan and discuss short-term and long-term integration opportunities.

Short-term and long-term units are identified according to the length of time it takes to complete the unit. A longterm unit requires two or more weeks to complete; a shortterm unit requires anywhere from one day to one week in the regular classroom.

A meeting agenda helps focus all attendees and provides a framework for more productive outcomes. One of our teams was having a hard time planning an integrated curriculum, so we worked together to construct an agenda to steer the meeting.

Discussions were guided by key questions. Are there any student concerns we need to discuss? Student issues that have nothing to do with integrating the curriculum often get team members off topic; therefore, we set some guidelines: Do not get bogged down in student issues.

This discussion should be quick and specific. Instead, discuss the behavior, situation, or problem that should be addressed. Now brainstorm ideas to solve the problem.

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Once the team has come up with a plan, put it on paper and determine how it will be implemented and how often the plan will be monitored.

What topics or standards are we teaching next week? Each person on the team shares what he or she will introduce or teach the following week. Is there an opportunity for any integration between or among the subjects?

Is there vocabulary that can be integrated across subject areas? Is there a concept that cuts across topics? Is there an opportunity for writing across the curriculum? On one team, the math teacher planned to work on ratio and proportion the following week; the science teacher would teach about layers of the Earth; the social studies teacher would introduce gross domestic products, literacy rate, and economics; and the English language arts teacher would review parts of speech and strategies for reading informational text.

But once we started discussing how we could connect the content and the learning, we came up with some easy and fun integration opportunities. The teachers decided to begin with the vocabulary. The integrated vocabulary was posted on a word wall with definitions and possible uses.

The same definitions are used in each class. These ratio charts would be posted in the hall and in the classroom. Because the students were studying gross domestic products GDPs and literacy rates, students would be broken into small groups.

writing across the curriculum math examples

Each group would study the literacy rates and GDPs of the various countries covered in their standards. They would develop ratios of literate citizens to illiterate citizens and then make inferences regarding GDP and economics based on literacy rates.

In English language arts ELAstudents were given informational text regarding GDP and literacy rates to read and determine important details and main ideas. This integration helped the social studies teacher because her students came to her having read much of the background information needed to understand her lesson.

The ELA teacher had also planned to review parts of speech; therefore, we devised a game for the students. Working in pairs on one paragraph from the informational text, students would label two specific parts of speech and develop a ratio for them.

This unit was a short-term one week integration.

The students discussed ratio and proportion in every class. In most schools, integrated curriculum is more a hitand- miss practice than a full-scale, all-out commitment. What will our next long-term integrated unit be?

The team examined the long-term integrated unit they planned to teach.The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) equips teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials which will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers. Using the four language arts—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—IEW methods have been proven to be effective for students of all ages and levels of ability, .

Science Across the Curriculum the only way to squeeze in adequate time for science is to “cross the curriculum” and integrate science into math, English, and even the arts.

In addition to being a practical necessity for teachers, crossing the curriculum has many benefits for your child. But science writing doesn’t have to be. Rather, writing should play a role "across the curriculum," meaning in all courses and in all departments, throughout a student's college career.

Almost twenty years ago, CUNY decided WAC was important enough to require each CUNY campus to develop its own WAC Program.

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As I was writing this morning, I realized that just the act of writing my blog is exactly what we mean by writing across the curriculum. This was the natural and almost unintentional process I went through when trying to think more deeply about writing across the curriculum.

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