Writing a paragraph for 3rd graders

Print article This year, consider the writing bar officially raised. With this blossoming of writing prowess, your child will be using more sophisticated language, improved grammar, and overall heightened mastery of the form from beginning to end. Building 3rd grade study skills Under the Common Core Standards, third graders are expected to use books, websites, and other digital sources think electronic newspaper records at the library to do research projects and to build knowledge about different topics — both on their own and as part of group work with their peers. Third graders need to start writing down what they learn from each source they use, keeping track of the source name and page so they are able to find it again, and then practice sorting any evidence they find into relevant categories that, at this stage, the teacher will likely determine.

Writing a paragraph for 3rd graders

Third grade writing focuses on developing the building blocks for larger and longer assignments. One key component of writing an essay at this level is learning to structure a paragraph.

The focus of the paragraph in third grade should be on developing a single topic, providing supporting evidence and developing a conclusion. Paragraphs should include clearly stated topics and supporting evidence for the student's opinion See Reference 1.

Evidence may be presented either through research or through the student's personal examples in an opinion assignment See Reference 1. Students should also be able to link ideas together within a paragraph and throughout a whole writing assignment See Reference 1. Concluding sentences are also a part of the paragraph structure at this level See Reference 1.

Determining the Elements of a Paragraph Providing students with sample paragraphs helps them to begin to determine both the purpose and the structure of a paragraph.

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Students can begin with identifying the main topic of the paragraph and comparing their idea to the topic sentence See Reference 2, p. Once they realize that the topic sentence gives the reader the overall idea of the paragraph, then students can start to determine the supporting details presented in the writing See Reference 2, p.

writing a paragraph for 3rd graders

The teacher may ask students why particular details are included. The students should determine that the details provide extra examples of the main topic of the paragraph.

Outlining the Paragraph Once students have learned the primary elements of a paragraph, they can begin working on an outline for their own paragraphs. Graphic organizers provide younger students with a concrete way of looking at paragraph development.

The focus of the graphic organizer should be on one main idea that the student will center all other ideas around See Reference 3, p. In a web format, the topic sentence forms the center of the organizer See Reference 3, p.

Details surround the topic sentence, and the student also writes a conclusion or summary sentence. Drafting the Paragraph Once a plan has been created for the paragraph, students should begin to draft their writing, keeping in mind the structural elements that are important to an effective paragraph.

In drafting the paragraph, students should note that their central idea should be clearly stated in the topic, or first, sentence See Reference 3, p. Then, each of the supporting details should be expanded upon in sentence form in the body of the paragraph See Reference 3, p.

Guiding students through the process of expanding upon each idea created during brainstorming provides a logical transition to paragraph writing.The writing goal strips can also be used to build a set of success criteria for writing for the whole class.

3rd grade opinion pieces For that reason, journal prompts for third graders often take a slightly more reflective approach than the writing prompts they may have used in their younger years. There is still and should be!
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You could start with one or two goal strips, adding a new strip to the chart each time a new goal is taught through a lesson, ending with the full chart by the end of the year. Context of writing. Written by a third grader who receives special education for language arts.

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Writing is in response to a prompt, "Think about a person who is special; this could be a family member, a friend, or anyone else who is important to you. I highly recommend these picture book biographies to liven up both curriculum areas and read-aloud time.

“Picture-book biographies are especially suited for building schema for understanding biography, as mentor text for writing biography, and for increasing liveliness during social studies and science instruction. Sep 20,  · This paragraph writing worksheet gets your third grader back to the basics of writing.

writing a paragraph for 3rd graders

One of the building blocks of writing is a well-written paragraph that contains a main idea, or topic sentence, and a handful of supporting details/5(35).

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