World bank doing business report 2009 ram

Department of Economics, University of Utah E-mail: The report projects the world energy supply and gross world product global economic output from to

World bank doing business report 2009 ram

While that is most often true, peak margins, a slowing global economy and the bond bubble collapse makes this time more like than just a routine selloff. In the vanguard of this coming market crash is China, whose make-pretend growth rate slid to 6.

This is the slowest pace of growth that the communist government has been willing to own up to since the last global financial crisis. Leaving one to conclude that the reality in China is far worse.

However, more than half of those gains were quickly reversed the following day as investors took a sober look at whether the Chinese government is starting to lose its grip on the economy.

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Fixed-asset investment rose a mere 5. It was the most lackluster growth rate since This was mostly a planned slowdown; an edict from the government that realized its economy was beginning to resemble a Ponzi scheme. What is very interesting is that this lethargic growth persisted even though companies have been gearing up for U.

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But inChina responded to the financial crisis with a huge infrastructure programbuilding empty cities to the tune of With a gigantic shadow banking system, this number is obfuscated by design.

Adding to the problem is that much of the Chinese private debt is pledged with collateral from the stock market, which has been in free-fall this year. As the air continues to pour out of the stock market, it will put additional pressure on the debt market. Rather, it was the non-productive, state-directed variety, which now requires a constant stream of new debt to pay off the maturing debt.

Therefore, the schizophrenic communist party is caught between the absolute need to deleverage the economy; and at the same time, trying to maintain the growth mirage with additional stimulus measures. The stimulus provided thus far has managed to expand the amount of money in circulation, M2—a measure of the money supply that includes cash and most deposits—to 8.

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Yet, even with a large growth in the money supply, China has not been able to achieve its desired rate of growth because it is weighed down by its legacy of debt. Although this latest round of fiscal and monetary stimulus has not had the anticipated economic effect to date, it has produced a negative effect on the Chinese yuan.

Leaving some to wonder if China is finally losing control over its currency. In Augustan unexpected devaluation in the yuan led to a capital flight as Chinese companies, citizens and investors sought to protect themselves from further declines in the currency.

If the yuan weakens too quickly again—either naturally or by another planned devaluation—this would add even more chaos to the already fragile global markets.

The Chinese are currently trying to keep the currency from falling below the key support level of seven to the dollar. In order to defend the value of the Yuan, China has depleted much of its dollar reserves.

A further yuan de-valuation could panic the Asian block nations in a similar way as did the Thai baht back in ; Leading to mass devaluations and putting further downward pressure on emerging markets. The bureaucrats in Brussels are threatening fines. Uncertainty in Italy is a major geopolitical factor weighing on global sentiment.

As interest rates rise in Italy, the prospect of insolvency rises alongside. Bond Bubble Conundrum October 22, Wall Street shills are in near perfect agreement that the bond market is not in a bubble.

And, even if there are a few on the fringes who will admit that one does exist, they claim it will burst harmlessly because the Fed is merely gradually letting the air out from inside. However, the fact that we are in a bond bubble is beyond a doubt—and given the magnitude of the yield distortions that exist today, the effects of its unwinding will be epoch.

Due to the risks associated with inflation and solvency concerns, it should be a prima facie case that sovereign bond yields should never venture anywhere near zero percent—and in some cases, shockingly, below zero percent.

Even if a nation were to have an annual budget surplus with no inflation, it should still provide investors with a real, after-tax return on government debt.

world bank doing business report 2009 ram

And although the U. Ten-year Treasury note yield has never been negative in nominal terms, it is still clearly in the sub-basement of history Given these facts, any free-thinking individual must assent that the global bond market is in a bubble.

This situation may be definitely worse overseas, but the U. The key to this whole discussion about bonds being extraordinarily overvalued is the arrival of inflation on to the scene, which had been absent for a decade in the eyes of the consumer because it was mostly sequestered within stock, bond and real estate prices.

This has compelled many central banks to shift strategies from the pursuit of inflation, to one of inflation containment. Importantly, this change from central banks is not a voluntary decision, unlike what the Wall Street carnival barkers would have you believe.

In other words, rates are not rising for all the right reasons. But instead, they are rising due to runaway asset prices, surging debt levels and the resurgence of rising consumer prices. Therefore, these money printers have no choice but to retreat from their inflation quest, or they now risk a rapid and destructive rise in long-term bond yields.

However, this is diametrically opposed to the very nature and construction of asset bubbles. These asset bubbles—just like all the others in history--needed a constant supply of new monetary fuel to stay inflated. Not only this, but these assets became so inflated relative to incomes and the underlying economy that investors were no longer capable of throwing new money at them.

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