Wichita confronts contamination

These types of case studies are important to public administration because they are classic problems of public management and provide insight into how to effectively manage crisis that is literally beneath our feet and cannot be run away from. The content areas of federalism and intergovernmental relations are important to public administration because a deep understanding of how these two concepts integrate together is required for any successful public administrator. Federalism is simply the separation of powers between different levels of government and intergovernmental relations is the process of how each unit of government interacts with one another as a cohesive whole. Federalism has many advantages and disadvantages but a comprehensive understanding of how these Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan attributes interact with one another and influence how government is run is vital for effective public administration since cooperation with other levels of government can be paramount in crisis management.

Wichita confronts contamination

Wichita Confronts Contamination Introduction In the yearthere were revelations that Wichita Kansas had some parts of its area contaminated with toxic chemicals which were believed to be dangerous. The toxic substances if in contact with humans would cause diseases such as cancer, among other health related problems.

Local government agencies such as Kansas Department of Health and Environment as well as the Environmental Protection Agency had stated that the affected area Gilbert and Mosley site had massive quantities of industrial and commercial chemicals. The high levels of contaminations were detrimental for Wichita as there were various negative consequences that were arising.

There were economic implications that would adversely affect the status of the city where the value of properties was already on the decline. Other emerging issues would also have a negative impact on the city. The financial institutions had put on a hold the lending of money to property owners of the city.

This was because if any financial institution was involved in deals with the property owners it would incur the liability of contributing funds for the purposes of cleaning up the city. These developments had emerged after the Environmental Protection Agency had called for designing of a plan on how to remove the toxic substances.

Failure to do this would result to the agency taking up the responsibility and this would turn up to be very costly to all businesses and residents of the city.

This therefore called for urgent development of the measures that were to be undertaken by all the stakeholders. Significance of political bargaining and coalition building in intergovernmental regulations For there to be designing of appropriate measures that would solve the problem that Wichita was facing, it required the various political players to bargain on how best to arrive at a solution.

One of the stakeholders was the city manager and he had to come up with ways of solving the problem at hand. The options that had been provided by Kansas Department of Health and Environment were not the most conducive.

The department had recommended that all those who were involved in the contamination should take one hundred percent responsibility, and the other option was to allow the initiation of the ranking of the site as a superfund status. Cherches, the city manager rejected both recommendations and developed on where the city would assume full responsibility for the clean up.

The move was also aimed at changing the position if financial institutions on lending for properties within the contaminated area. This move provided various financing options some of which involved increasing the taxes of properties in the city, developing a tax increment finance district, imposing a state wide tax among several others.

In order to achieve the city manger required to conduct political bargaining and negotiations with the various stakeholders. Various government agencies would be affected by the plan of the city manager to raise finances by as their tax base would be affected. The city manager was required to bargain with the Wichita county council, the Sedgwick county council as well as the Wichita school board.

The city manger also had the task of convincing the Environmental Protection Agency that the city was financially capable of undertaking such a plan and that there was the required commitment.

In addition to this Cherches had to deal with the obstacle of dealing with the complex nature of intergovernmental regulations.

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This would involve massive bargaining and collaboration with the various constituencies such as the county commission, governor, and state legislature. The failure of having coalition building that involved intergovernmental regulations would result to the city manager being unable to implement the plan that had been developed.

This would therefore leave the option of having the site as one that had been accorded superfund status. This would be detrimental to the city due to the numerous costs that would be incurred, as well as the long duration of time it would take to start the clean up process.

The role of political bargaining and coalition building in intergovernmental regulations in influencing outcomes. Political bargaining and coalition building played a great role in determining what would be the outcome of the plan by the city manager.

Political bargaining between the city manager and the city county council enabled the adoption of a policy where the state was placed in charge of overseeing the clean up process. This was to be done on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency, as it would cost a lot if the agency would assume the responsibility of overseeing the clean up process.

It was through coalition building that the city manager was able to convince the banks to revise their decision on lending.

Through bargaining and collation building the status Wichita city then started to improve. This was after banks started lending money and the valuing of properties in the city which had dropped then started to rise.

Cherches was able to convince the Environmental protection Agency that the city would be capable of raising the funds that were required to clean up the contaminations.

Wichita confronts contamination

He was also able to portray the commitment of the city and it is through such bargaining that an agency that was previously termed as bureaucratic and inflexible. Coalition building and bargaining between various agencies such as the city council, Environmental protection agency and the city manger in intergovernmental relations was the ultimate solution to the problem.

It would have been impossible for the city manager to arrive at the positive outcomes without involving bargaining and coalition building. For instance, if the legislature did not pass the required laws that determined the implementation of the plan, the city manger would not have been successful and it would have resulted to superfund status.

Analysis of political dimensions of intergovernmental regulations. The nature of the Kansas state law necessitated amendments which would enable the local government to commit operating revenues for further than a duration of one year.

For this to be possible there had to be intergovernmental regulations that would result to legislative approval. This was however to be challenging as there existed antagonism between the urban and rural legislatures. In order for the decision by the city manager to be politically palatable it would require the companies that had been involved in the contamination to contribute some funds that were to be used in the clean up process.Safety News NBAA, Industry Examine Fuel Contamination Hazards Following Second DEF Incident Aug.

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Introduction The following case, Wichita Confronts Contamination, involves a vast polluted underground lake containing hazardous industrial waste.

The site is located in the heart of the downtown, Wichita business district. The. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin

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