Using dashes in academic writing

Presentation PDF Dash vs. Hyphen In lots of scientific writing—both published and unpublished—I see authors use hyphens where they intend to use an em-dash. Besides the regrettable effect of proclaiming that you do not understand the difference, more importantly, this mistake often leads to ambiguity and confusion.

Using dashes in academic writing

Semicolons Series Use of apostrophe: Know the definition of the serial Oxford comma. It is the comma used immediately before a conjunction in a series of three or more items.

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The phrase rain gardens, porous pavements, and green roofs is written with the serial comma, while the phrase rain gardens, porous pavements and green roofs is written without it. Lawsuits have been filed Exit over interpretations of documents based on the "missing" comma before the and, so this is not a minor detail.

A simple guide to etc. usage, explaining how to use etc. correctly. Using Dashes. Dashes, when used sparingly and correctly, can be used to make your writing sound more sophisticated. Indicate sudden changes in tone or thought within a sentence. Free individual English writing consultation. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) English Writing Lab at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, provides faculty, and graduate students with free individual native-speaker consultations to help authors improve English journal articles for clarity, organization, logic, and style. The service .

The AP Stylebook recommends against the use of the serial comma, but includes some exceptions, such as: Use commas to separate elements in a series, but do not put a comma before the conjunction in a simple series: The flag is red, white and blue.

He would nominate Tom, Dick or Harry. Put a comma before the final conjunction in a series, however, if an integral element of the series requires a conjunction: I had orange juice, toast, and ham and eggs for breakfast. Also, use a comma before the final conjunction in a complex series of phrases: The main points to consider are whether the athletes are skillful enough to compete, whether they have the stamina to endure the training, and whether they have the proper mental attitude.

Use exclamation marks sparingly!! They are used extensively in comic books!! That tells you something right there!! In any case, if you want your audience to be excited and enthused, you will need to do it with words and ideas, not punctuation marks!!

Commas and hyphens are typically the most difficult punctuation concepts for people to understand. The purpose of the hyphen is to help your reader avoid ambiguity. If two words together describe one word and they come before the noun they are describing, the words should be hyphenated.

It helps the reader understand more quickly that the two words together describe the next word. The free-form sculpture was beautiful. Without the hyphen, the reader might stumble while reading.This use of em dashes is sometimes considered a little informal (parentheses may be better in academic writing), but they can be used in most situations.

The Difference If you look carefully, hyphens and dashes differ in appearance as well as their use, so picking the right one in . IELTS writing correction by an examiner for mistakes, band score, and tips to improve it.

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Feedback on task response, structure, vocabulary, grammar. If you are frequently confronted with decisions regarding abbreviations, get hold of a copy of either The Chicago Manual of Style or The Gregg Reference these books contain extensive chapters on proper form in using abbreviations, as well as the possessive and plural forms of abbreviations.

Journal Writing Prompts: These high-interest prompts will encourage kids to describe, explain, persuade, and narrate every day of the school year. What this handout is about. This handout explains the most common uses of three kinds of punctuation: semicolons (;), colons (:), and dashes (—). After reading the handout, you will be better able to decide when to use these forms of punctuation in your own writing.

Academic Writing in English It is extra important to use a hyphen when not using one could lead to ambiguity. (except Oxford UP), use the en dash, whereas the em dash with no blank spaces is preferred by most American publishers (and by Oxford UP) (Ritter, , p.

using dashes in academic writing


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