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The international full-contact bare-knuckle Kumite takes place every 5 years in a secret location. The IFAA was composed of several organization and promoters. The Kumite wasn't sanctioned "It was a small elite clique of the top martial artists in the world saying 'I'm going to send my best versus your best. Each country is allowed a maximum of 6 of their best fighters.

Ufc bloodsport

New York City, New York, USA Richard Robinson My involvement in that tournament was part of a plan, launched into infiltrate the criminal organizations that organized the fights. The original idea was to participate in the Kumite tournament and make a few contacts.

Ufc bloodsport

We initially assumed I would lose, but eventually I became one of the best Kumite fighters to ever participate in the event. Is the underground Kumite Tournament in the movie Bloodsport real?


Frank Dux right, circa shared a similar resemblance with his onscreen counterpart Jean-Claude Van Damme left. According to the movie, the Kumite tournament is a no-holds-barred mixed martial arts competition held in secret every five years.

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As stated in the November Black Belt magazine interview, titled "Kumite: A Learning Experience," the real Frank Dux did in fact attend and win the Kumite, weighing in as a heavyweight.

His experience became the inspiration for the onscreen events in the movieBloodsport. Controversy has arisen around Dux's own past and his stories of The Kumite.

Black Belt magazine's November issue states the following, "The truth is that a full-contact kumite event is indeed held at a private location once every five years.

Bloodsport t-shirtsincluding the bestselling Kumite t-shirt, have helped fans celebrate the movie and the legendary tournament. Considering that the Kumite took place nearly two decades before the emergence of the internet, coupled with the I. In communications with Frank, he stated that the I. This might also help to explain why an online search for the I.

Frank's records also appear at the end of the Bloodsport movie, displayed as follows: From to Frank W. Dux fought matches.

Dux still holds four world records: Fastest Knockout - 3. What does the word kumite mean? Translation of he Japanese word kumite means "free fighting" or roughly "sparring. Kumite is one of the three main areas of traditional Japanese karate training, along with kata and kihon form and fundamentals.

In the movie Bloodsport, Kumite is the name given to the deadly, underground, full-contact fighting tournament to which the main character, Frank Dux Jean-Claude Van Dammeis clandestinely invited. How did Frank Dux get invited to the Kumite competition?

After performing well enough in smaller kumite matches held by the I. Dux said that Bolo Yeung's character was based on a real person.

Other people say it was a car accident. I have no way of knowing for sure.In UFC, which has five weight divisions, he is more effective at their version of middleweight, and is as adept with his feet as with his hands.

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CFU 8: Bloodsport is closed for new predictions. 27 total members made predictions on this event, breaking down as follows below. UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas gave an update on her health and injuries, the timetable she’s looking at for her return, wanting Jessica Andrade next, and much more.

Does anyone remember a single fighter from JCVD’s “The Quest”? From the non-game characters in Mortal Kombat? From “Enter the Dragon” besides Bruce Lee and cool-cat afro guy? Nope. Bloodsport managed to even differentiate between a slew of generic gi wearers.

And caninariojana.com is such a . In thoughts of the UFC were nonexistent, however the groundwork for mixed rules fighting was already well underway. Much like the popular film ‘Bloodsport’, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Hong Kong was a hot bed for international martial arts competitions.

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The Real Frank Dux - Bloodsport True Story