Short essay on lost and found

Not having a place to live, the university had paired me up with an upper classwoman — Liz. When I arrived at her apartment, I was shown to my room — A clean bright room with no furniture and nothing at all inside.

Short essay on lost and found

The day I lost my wallet When I was seven years old, I was given a small wallet to keep my pocket-money in. It made me feel grown up and I carried it proudly in my hip pocket.

One day, during recess in school, I discovered that my wallet was missing. I searched all my pockets but could not find it.

Short essay on lost and found

There were a couple of ringgit or so in the wallet and without it I could not buy anything to eat. I was close to tears. It was not so much because of losing my precious wallet but because I might get a scolding from my parents.

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Anyhow I went hungry that day. After recess I was in no mood to study at all. I kept thinking about how I lost my wallet and what my parents would do to me.

How was I going to explain the loss? I did not know whether someone had pinched it from my pocket or it had merely fallen out.

I prayed that someone would find it and return it to me. My prayers came to nought. Fortunately I did not have to pay to get on my school bus.

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My fare was paid for monthly. When I told my mother about my loss, she was clearly angry. I received a long lecture about my carelessness.

When my father came home, I received another lecture.


Also I was told that there would not be any more wallets for me until I got older. So for the rest of the year and two years following, I carried my pocket-money which became only a ringgit in my pocket, without any wallet.

I am glad to say I never lost any money again. I had learned to be more careful. It is not pleasant to lose something and then get scolded for losing it.Lost And Found Essay.

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College Essays; Lost and Found; Lost and Found MAG. March 23, My stomach was in knots as I thought about what a lost cause searching would be.

I struggled to differentiate between. We will write a custom essay sample on Lost and Found specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now My daringness from the beginning turned right away into fear and motion sickness. As I reached in the air just like all the other kids to try to blend in, I tried to laugh and scream in a sense of enjoyment and pretend to be excited.

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Get help with your writing. 1 through We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays. Lost And Found “Ella, did you take the last cookie from the jar?” Mother said with an accusing tone. Lost – a short story “Where am I?” thought Amber, trembling. Looking around, she saw a shaft high, high above her, letting in.

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