Onion farming business plan

Climatic conditions For Onion Farming:

Onion farming business plan

While many farmers in Kenya prefer to farm common plants like maize which take more than half a year to be harvested, onions only take four months. The return per acre is equally high compared to maize farming in Kenya.

There are many reason why onion farming business plan farmer should consider growing onions in kenya. Onions are used for preparing almost all the food that we eat on a daily basis.

onion farming business plan

This confirms to you the demand that is associated with this produce. A number of farmers have ventured into red onion farming in Kenya but there is still a big gap to be filled locally. This is the reason why red onion farming in Kenya is still one of the attractive and lucrative businesses to venture into.

Research shows that Karatina, Oloitoktok, Naivasha, Kieni, Emali and Mai Mahiu are the best suited areas for bulb onion farming in kenya. However, one can venture into growing onions in Kenya even from other parts of the country.

How To Start Onion Business

This is because during this period, there is low supply of onions from Tanzania. The prices of onions in Kenya usually rise around this time. Therefore, if your timing is right and you manage to harvest your onions when there is low supply in the markets, you will make huge profits. Current onion prices in Kenya The current onion prices in Kenya vary from one town to the other.

At the moment of writing this article 15 kg bag of red onion in Mombasa was going for Ksh 1, Eldoret town recorded the highest price of Onion in Kenya. The 15 kg bag of red onion was sold at Ksh 1, This was due to heavy rains in the areas.

Egg Incubators in Kenya: Once Acre of bulb onion farming in kenya will produce 20, Kilograms of onions. You will get a Gross Income of half a million. If you deduct your costs for farming which can be anywhere between the range of Ksh—you are still left with good profits.

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Growing onions in Kenya If you are a farmer who want to start onion growing in Kenya, I would recommend that you consider the red bulb onion farming. While the Spring onions are easy to plant and many people have them in their kitchen garden, they are hard to store.

This gives them a short shelf life compared to the bulb onion which has a longer shelf life. The onions that come from Tanzania have a strong pungent smell. They are small, thin and firmly layered. While the Onions grown in Kenya are the big ones with loose layers.

Major health benefits of spring onions are: Ensure the land that you want to use for onion growing in Kenya has pH of 5.

If you are not sure about your soil, make sure you conduct Soil test with accredited laboratories. Another thing you need to know is that growing onions in Kenya requires a well drained, fertile, sandy loam, non-compacted soils.

Onion Growing in Kenya: Red Bulb Onion Farming Business Plan

Kuroiler Chicken Farming in Kenya Important Facts bulb onion farming in Kenya Basically onions can grow in most parts of Kenya because the ideal temperatures onions need to grow are between 13 — 35 degrees centigrade.Plan well ahead of starting your onion farming venture.

Get yourself ready with a business plan that showcases your objectives, means, and ends. Like all other projects, onion farming must be presented in black and white. This sample Onion Farming Business Plan in Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc.

Onion Farming In Nigeria: Comprehensive Business Plan

Onion Farming Business Plan is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to help you start the Implementation. Tag Archives: onion farming business plan Onion Farming Information Guide for Beginners Onion Farming Information: Introduction of Onion Farming: The onion also known as the bulb onion or common onion is the most widely cultivated and consumed vegetables across the globe.

Potato farming business has lucrative returns. Many people are making money all over the world by farming potatoes. However, to build a successful, sustainable potato farming business, you require sufficient knowledge of how to efficiently grow the potatoes, good management skills, and a good potato farming business plan.

A Sample Onion Farming Business Plan Template. Industry Overview; Onions are cultivated by vegetable farmers, and vegetable farmers are known to grow a wide variety of vegetables (onion, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn, mushrooms and all other vegetables) and melons in open fields and in greenhouses.

Before you get tempted to engage in onion farming, do your homework well and learn from the masters who are already in the agribusiness. However, here is information to give you a head start.

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