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The Oxford English Dictionary lists "octopuses", "octopi", and "octopodes", in that order, reflecting frequency of use, calling "octopodes" rare and noting that "octopi" is based on a misunderstanding. The giant Pacific octopus Enteroctopus dofleini is often cited as the largest known octopus species.

Octopus project

In Utah, typically reserved for families, board games, and green Jell-O. When I first walked in there were only about 10 other people, exactly the way I like it.


Intimate shows are the way to go. Small venues with the stage right in front of your face. No metal barriers dividing musicians and the audience.

There are too Octopus project ultra-artists playing in those mega-domes and super-stadiums. Anyway, enough with my rant. Back to the important stuff. And they sound pretty good. Both guitarists use a variety of effects during song interludes creating a nice atmosphere. They were a good opener, playing for about 30 minutes.

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A single musician graced the stage. A guitar hung around their neck and was surrounded by a variety of electronic gismos and gadgets creating the rest of the music. The music was wildly experimental. The vocals were incomprehensible and drowned out by the sheer noise.

Headlining the show was Octopus Project. I first heard about them through a friend just a few weeks prior. I looked them up on Spotify and really liked what I heard. They are an experimental neo-psychedelic band from Austin, TX with a noteworthy sound. On stage, they are incredibly talented.

The four musicians move around from instrument to instrument, each playing multiple throughout their hour-long set. Three of them provide lead vocals on at least one song, but much of their music is instrumental.

They seem to have a strong connection as a band and play off each other immaculately.

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Octopus Project put it all into their performance. The crowd had grown considerably but was still sporadic. Nevertheless, people danced, whooped, and hollered. Yvonne Lambert played an electronic instrument called a Theremin, which is played without physical contact.

All-in-all it was a delightful show with excellent music. Music is often inspiring and can teach us important life lessons.k Followers, 44 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Waist Bag 75rb ️ (@octopus_project).

The octopus performs its famous backward swim by blasting water through a muscular tube on the body called a siphon. Seals, whales, and large fish prey on octopuses.

Octopus project

If threatened, octopuses shoot an inky fluid that darkens the water, confusing the aggressor. This is not an organisation run from the centre, but one driven by the huge assets that exist in the voluntary and community sector, and the time generously given by social activists in the city to create links and collaborate on issues.

The Octopus Project PRIVATE ICE January 17, Dear everyone! A new year is upon us and it's time for some new stuff!!

Octopus project

We're playing two shows in Texas in February and are excited to try out some new tunes as well as an entirely new video setup (seen above). We figured out how to map video to our amps and are pretty jazzed with the results.

Find out when The Octopus Project is next playing live near you. List of all The Octopus Project tour dates and concerts. The Octopus Project has been releasing joyous party music since , following a musical path that veers through blown-out rock’n’roll, vivid electronic colors, surreal pop and expansive psych landscapes.

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