Interim report essay

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Interim report essay

Students will have already completed a Project Proposal and a Project Specification, which outline the intended research, practical procedures and outcomes. The dissertation Interim Report is essentially a process of reviewing and updating these documents, and noting any significant changes to your project.

The Interim report essay Report is usually about 20 pages in length, and it is usually submitted in the Spring of your first year of study.

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The typical Interim Report structure includes the following items: Project Summary and Project Specifications These may be the same as the documents that were submitted at the start of your degree programme.

The Project Summary is a brief description of your proposed project, while the Project Specification provides a more detailed account about your intended methods and likely results. If any significant changes have been made to your project, these should be reflected in an updated Summary and Specification.

In Interim report essay it is helpful to include sentences that describe the content of each chapter.

Interim report essay

Literature Review The Interim Report is usually accompanied by a full literature reviewwhich will form the basis of a dissertation chapter. Like all literature reviews, it should provide an overview of the theories and practices that are most relevant to your own work.

This will probably be the longest section of the Interim Report. Current Progress This section of the Dissertation Interim Report will outline what you have achieved so far.

It should also contain some details of how the student plans to confront these challenges, whether through changes to the research plan or minor adjustments to the overall project.

Planned Methodology For most degree programmes students will also need to outline their research strategy for the remainder of the dissertation work. This may focus primarily on text-based research or it may require practical lab work.

Regardless, the student should justify their chosen methodology and explain how it will adequately address the research question. You should include all the work that is relevant to completing the dissertation, including research, project development, chapter writing and lab activities.

You might also include plans for additional skill training, funding bids, and conference presentations.

Help with Writing the Dissertation Interim Report: Tips for Success Be Specific: Be very detailed in the information that you present. Avoid generalisations and vague statements of progress. Use examples to demonstrate your progress. This foundational research demonstrates your scholarly activity in the months before the Interim Report, and it also shows your ability to make discerning choices about your research project.

The Interim Report provides you with a useful opportunity to present your progress and refine your future actions with the advice from supervisors and other faculty. However, try to avoid using a tone that makes you seem unsure of yourself or lacking confidence in your own progress.

An assured and confident tone will help to convince examiners of your overall level of ability and accomplishments. Your Interim Report should demonstrate your growth as a critical, engaged scholar. This requires you to show your ability to speak about your field in a highly knowledgeable way.

Furthermore, you should be able to reflect critically on your own proposed project and how it can contribute to your field. This often includes acknowledging its weaknesses or shortcomings, and justifying why your approach is still a good one.

How is it Marked? In many subject areas, Interim Reports are conducted through an oral presentation by the student.

Interim report essay

The Interim Report presentation is not marked separately, but it is taken into consideration when assessors review the written submission. In general, the marking criteria for the interim report are similar to those for the dissertation: Some of the mark will also be based on the quality of your progress to date — in other words, how good is the research that is described in the report?

Marks will be awarded on the standard UK marking scale, as follows: Our tutor gave us highest mark in the class.Dissertation Interim Report How to write a successful Interim Report. In many Bachelor and Masters subjects students will commonly be required to complete an Interim University will review the Interim Report to gauge the student’s achievements to date and ensure that they are making adequate progress toward the final dissertation..

What is the Interim Report. interim report Academic Essay The Interim Report (1, words, + or -5%) is a progress report providing a discussion of the research issues arising mainly from published sources. High Bridge was an important railroad town for most of its history.

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Free Essay: Introduction: This document contains the interim report of - This report will tell what has been achieved, what still needs to be done in every.

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