If you cannot communicate isn t knowledge agree disagree

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If you cannot communicate isn t knowledge agree disagree

July 3, at 2: Prior to completing the reading and lectures from this week, I thought of language too broadly, as simply a means of communication.

I would have argued, therefore, that because animals can communicate effectively to animals of their own species, and often to other species as well, that they do indeed have language.

Now, however, after becoming more educated on this topic, I no longer believe that animals have language. While I do believe that animals have advanced and intelligent ways of communicating, they do not have the access to language use that humans do.

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We know that human language is learned. We learn language from our parents and from the humans with whom we live and interact. While we are born with the capacity to learn language, we are not born knowing a language itself. In animal communication, while some aspects are learned, there If you cannot communicate isn t knowledge agree disagree a very strong genetic component embedded in communication.

Another important quality of human language is that it is symbolic, in the sense that it is based off of arbitrary symbols. Lecture 2 explained this aspect well.

Animals do not share the ability to use symbols as building blocks of language. In addition to being learned and symbolic, human language is productive, or generative. This means that human language is infinitely creative and versatile. New sentences are produced all the time.

Animal communication systems, such as those of birds, are limited to a particular number of sounds, and often those sounds are further restricted to one sex of that species. Lastly, human language has the quality of displacement. That means that we can talk about things with human language that are not present.

We can tell jokes, stories, chat about the past, the future, and anything in between.

If you cannot communicate isn t knowledge agree disagree

This idea was argued in response to the prairie dog study mentioned in the lecture. Similar studies support the idea that while animals are able to effectively communicate with each other, and often even with humans, they are not capable of mastering human language, or any equivalent.

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The famous horse Clever Hands, for example, was able to respond to non-verbal human cues, but could not actually answer a math problem. We can think of animal communication in terms of three elements: An animal displays a particular form from its communicative repertoire, the form is interpreted based on the context, and the response is dependent on both the form and the context.

I do not think that they have specific words as humans do, but more of tones. They might have a sad bark tone when they are sad, one for when they are excited, or happy. They could use howling for when they are upset, and they know when other dogs are howling, they are howling for a reason, whatever it may be.

I currently think they might have a sort of sign language where they can physically understand other dogs through different pitches, or interactions.

When I see my dogs play fighting, sometimes one will bark at the other, and one will back off and go away- same with my sister and I, we could be fighting until one just has enough, screams at the top of our lungs, or maybe says something hurtful or to win the fight- and the other knows just to walk away… communication.

Another way is the way they do not speak. I do not have to be saying anything to my sister and we could be doing funny interactions of some sorts without talking to be communicating and that is the same way I have seen my dogs communicate through eyes, ears, playing with each other, etc.

Although I do think that there are ways animals communicate similarly, we also communicate differently. Like I stated earlier, animals do not have specific words they can say to each other, yet they might just have tones or warning or happiness to get the communication across.

Humans can say specific words, tell stories about the past present and future in detail which is something animals cannot do. Human language is also capable of connecting the sounds and words we say into letters and able to write them down on paper to be able to communicate in multiple ways through language- which obviously dogs cannot do.

For human to human language, we can talk about things that are not present with us at that moment in time, or about a story from the past, feelings we feel in the present and our hopes for the future, and the other human without language barriers would be able to understand, feel what we are feeling in that moment, or hope along with us just through spoken language.

Whereas human to animal language would not be able to work that way.

If you cannot communicate isn t knowledge agree disagree

I found this all quite interesting because before lectures I really believed dogs had their own language, but until I was forced to think in different ways about how animals communicate, and especially how humans communicate, I had not thought of many factors that make up language and how it works in order to fully understand that dogs do not have a language, but only communication methods instead.

Noelle Reardon July 4, at 5: The definition really made me think about all of the factors that are a part of language.While you don't have to be identical (and hey, it would be boring if you were) you should be able to reach a compromise and/or eventually agree .

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You Cannot NOT Communicate: Fact or Fiction? 'If you cannot communicate it, it isn't knowledge.' Agree or disagree and discuss Essay But if only you know it, and you can't seem to communicate it, is it knowledge?


There are many ways of communication, some much more complex and refined, hence more difficult to make . 'If you cannot communicate it, it isn't knowledge.' Agree or disagree and discuss Do you agree or disagree with this statement.

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