Front cover discussion

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Front cover discussion

Overhauling Front Brakes These notes describe what I did on my car for my personal use and are provided here for entertainment; they are not meant to be instructions for others to do maintenance on their vehicles.

This section describes how I overhauled the front brakes for my '70 TR6. As mentioned earlier, the car is completely disassembled and I was able to take the front suspension assemblies to the workshop to do the work.

Everything done here could have been done with the suspension assemblies still on the car. The photo on right shows the caliper and rotor to get us orientated. This is the right side.

Front cover discussion

Front cover discussion left side is the mirror image with the calipers to the rear and slightly above the axle on both sides. The left side and right side calipers are different in that they are mirror images.

This contrasts with the rear brakes where the two wheel cylinders are identical. The pipes that connect to the calipers are also different between the two sides a mirror image bend.

At commission number CC 69? At commission number CC mid '72 the calipers were changed to use metric threads. However, any car might be equipped with any of the pistons.

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For example, most the replacement pistons for the early calipers are the ones that require the later type boots. Also, Moss says that all replacement calipers it sells are the standard thread version that use the later style boot.

I'll discuss this point more carefully when I look at a disassembled caliper.

Front cover discussion

The pads are designed to wear through use and must be replaced periodically. An old Haynes manual says the min pad thickness is.

I don't understand why they have a range for the minimum. Some of the rotors have an statement cast into the rotor that the minimum pad plus thickness including the backing is 0.

The pads should be replaced before the pads wear so thin that the metal backing rubs against and gouges the rotor necessitating that the rotor be removed and resurfaced. Many newer cars have spring steel screechers attached to the pads that rub against the rotor and screech when the pad wears thin notifying the operator that the brake system needs attention.WHY?

The Christian apologist is not thought to also be a conservative Christian. Bible believers who think too much are often jackbooted out the front door of the church house because they intimidate weak, the average saint learns to avoid contemplation.

The Trump cover’s secondary headlines are stacked on the right side — on a real Time cover, they would go across the top. And it has two exclamation points. Time headlines don’t yell.

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