Dida coursework

This means that unless you're starting Year 11 in September you won't be able to count this course as a GCSE subject. Which is a shame. If I teach you and you're not going to be in Year 11 in September, then you probably need to look at the Creative iMedia pages.

Dida coursework

The work will also be useful to ifa and orisa devotee around the world as well as academic researcher in the field of IFA and orisa spirituality. Babalawo Obanifa will explain with the aid of pictures and explainatoin the comprehensive use of Obi divination in Yoruba spirituality.

The article will explain what is is obi divination system? Spiritual and physical, economic uses or impotance Of Obi etc.

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Obi Dida Obi divination system simply refer to the method of divination that involves the use of Obi Abata kola Acuminata for divination. When I talk of Obi kola nut in this sense, I mean obi Abata kola Acumulata and not any other type of kola like: Obi Gbanja tabi obi goro kola nitida usually have two lobes, it is mainly for eating and industrial use nothing really spiritual about it.

Dida coursework

But Obi Abata Kola Acuminata usually start from two to six lobes or even more. It has spiritual use. Obi lobes can biological goe beyond these six lobe but it is not accept in spirituality of any significance. Although such aberration have some spiritual uses too which I will not prefer to explain here.

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The Dida coursework classification is mainly done to strike balance between the Dida coursework of male and female, as well as spiritual force of light and darkness. The light forces of the kola segment, work hand in hand with the male segments or constituents.

I must stress here that this exception is only applicable in front of female orisa. And our fathers before us have opined that non observance of this exception before any orisa have no effect at all or significance.

But it is instructive to note that the use of Agbon coconut sliceseyo owo merin four cowries by some people can not be regarded as obi divination system as proclaimed by them.

I advise with due respect that they should use correct item which is obi. It may use use by some people as a complete divination reading, remember I have warn against doing that at the beginning of this article, see the important notes at the beginning of this article for reasons.

Obi divination can be use during iwure or propitiating of orisa to know whether the prayer is accepted, but it is instructive to note that orisa sango will prefer Orogbo biter kola for this purpose, while most of other orisa will go with obi.

It can be use for other miscellaneous enquiries such as determining the faithfulness of one friend or spouse or business associates the interpretation of the obi divination will be deduce from partan or symbol of Obi that appear.

You get a clean bowl of water. You will first put the obi inside the water.

Then you will dip your hand inside the water, use part of the water and sprinkle it on the ground or white cloth or plate you want to use to conduct the divination three times. If it is in front of orisa you will sprinkle the water on the orisa shrine or image of the orisa in question three times.

Then you will use your hand to break the kolanut carefully,into different segments or lobes. During the breaking of the kolanut you must be very careful not to allow injuries or any physical damage to the body of of the obi. The lobe of the obi must be whole and intact.

Don't use any metal object like knife, pin, blade etc to break obi kolanut. The next thing is casting your obi, it is instructive to note that you must explain or States the subject matter of the divination to the obi before you cast it.But even if I don't move the escort team, if Dorsen is moving as it is, Dida is dangerous after all because he is a knight that is fast to apply what he thinks as justice without thinking or analyzing anything.

It was a shock to them to see a Brazilian goalkeeper. It was a difficult thing for them to accept.

GCSE ICT DIDA Friday, 12 December I have completed my survey on survey monkey. I have sent this out to people, and they have completed it and returned it to me. I am ahead of the coursework, on how i planned to start and finish it.

Posted by Em x] at No comments: Wednesday, 12 November I have made an. DiDA was introduced in (after a pilot starting in ) as a creation of the Edexcel examination board. DiDA is notable in that it consists entirely of coursework, completed on-computer; all work relating to the DiDA course is created, stored, assessed and moderated digitally.

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3 Thank mariazucker R00kie/ TripAdvisor reviews. Obi divination is said to be ABO N BARE when the two lobes that open their face up during obi divination are ABO (Female) this is usually recognise by left hand.

It is the opposite of Ako n bare. This pattern of Obi divination is telling the that the person Making . DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

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