Creative writing contests for middle schoolers

Sharing writing, whether as a kid or an adult, is one of the most powerful steps in the writing process. Knowing that your work could be read by others stirs up motivation like nothing else. Before we get started, a few tips and cautions. Many of these contests receive hundreds of thousands of entries from students across the nation.

Creative writing contests for middle schoolers

If you're looking for ways to encourage your child to write with focus and excellence, a writing contest is a great way to motivate a young author!

Creative writing contests for middle schoolers

Homeschool student writing contests offer the chance to write about specific topics with the chance to win prizes or recognition. The contests listed below offer a wide variety of incentives and topics for writing.

Teen Writing Contests

Everything from personal stories to poems are judged through these different competitions. Using these competitions as a motivational tool can help passionate writers get critiqued, or reluctant writers be spurred on towards top-quality work. Writers Contest Open to children Kindergarten through 3rd grade, this contestsponsored by local PBS stations, offers students the chance to write and illustrate a story.

Kids can view the winning stories from until the present to see what makes a story stand out. You enter through your local PBS station, and the deadline is late March.

Every person who enters gets a certificate of achievement, and other prizes are awarded to the top winners. There are 30 categories in which a student can enter including humor, poetry, short story, personal essay and film and animation.

Prizes include scholarships, recognition and exhibition. Some categories entries are due in January and others are due in February. The Junior division is open to grade students, while the Senior division is open to graders. Each year a theme is selected and you write about the theme.

Entry categories include documentary, exhibit, paper, website or performance. Prizes are certificates, trophies, medals, monetary awards and scholarships. Deadlines vary by state. A list of state co-ordinators is available on their website.

Breaking Barriers Essay Contest The Breaking Barriers Essay Contest is open to students in 4th through 8th grades and is a chance for writers to share personal stories about overing obstacles.

Scholastic sponsors this contest, and the central theme is following Jackie Robinson's values of justice, commitment, courage and teamwork. The deadline each year is early March. Brilliantly Ridiculous Invention Contest Another contest sponsored by Scholasticthe Brilliantly Ridiculous Invention Contest, is open to students in 2nd through 8th grades.

The deadline for entry is March 4th, and students need to write about a creative invention and also illustrate it. The invention needs to make the world a happier, better place. Students in grades 6th- 8th grade can enter the competition by writing a short essay to words long on the topic "Are You Proud Of Your Country?

The deadline for is early November Deadline for entry is late March. There are two categories in which to enter, broadcasting, where a videotaped segment would be submitted, or print, where students submit articles that have been published in a school newspaper.

Creative writing contests for middle schoolers

After reading the rules section, for homeschoolers, it appears that if your school doesn't have a newspaper, you can submit an article that was published by a local newspaper.

Scholastic Book Fairs- Kids Are Authors Contest Open to K-8 students that work in groups of three or more, and have an overseeing adult sponsor, students work to create a book that would be considered for publication.

This contest deadline each year is March The book the students create has to be 21 to 29 pages, and can be fiction or non-fiction. The grand prize winners also receive copies of their book. While winning a competition is always a big victory, an important goal of entering a writing contest is to develop and enhance a child's writing skills.

If your homeschool student keeps that in mind, the journey can be fun and rewarding. While in the process, if your child happens to win, or gain recognition, then there is an added bonus! Homeschool student writing contests can provide motivation to write, and also offer a creative voice for your young author.

Image Credits Pencil Image:Magazine offers a way to help middle school through college students think about their lives in relationship to larger societal issues of sustainability, justice, and humanity.

Students are invited to reflect on their values and personal experiences, and consider how their actions might change not only their communities but the world. Each year, Tribal College Journal seeks exceptional creative writing, art, photography, and film by tribal college students for its student writing, art, and film contests.

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Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest Sponsored by Hollins University, the Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest provides scholarships, prizes, and recognition for the best poems submitted by high-school aged women. New scholarship funds announced for ASFA Writing Contest Guidelines We must regretfully announce that, due to extremely low numbers of submissions in our literary contests this year, we will be unable to make any awards in either the Young Writers’ Literary Awards contest or the Aspiring Minds Regional Poetry Contests.

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