1950 s 1960 s from housewive

Complete a minute exercise regime Shower, do hair and make-up, get dressed Gather a basket for tidying. Make note of anything that needs to be prepared ahead of time or marketing shopping that needs to get done Begin long-advance preparations for dinner such as making dessert Wipe down kitchen work surfaces and inside the fridge Dispose of garbage Rinse dish cloths and hang to dry Sweep or mop the kitchen floor Handle errands that might take you out of the home such as marketing, volunteering, going to the post office, getting an item fixed, etcbookkeeping, correspondence, or indulge in a hobby If returning from the grocery store, wash vegetables, wrap them and put them away.

Women who had lived through the privations of the Great Depression and World War II were now able to afford new styles and embraced them all, from the elegance of grand, sweeping skirts to shorts and trousers. An hourglass figure dominated the look of the s.

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With cinched-in waistlines and accentuated hips and busts, the style was a decidedly mature one. Despite the mature, conservative look of major designers, a new feeling for casual attire crept onto the scene, as women increasingly began to wear pants, shorts, sportswear, and shoulder-revealing sundresses.

Historical Context of s Fashion s housewife Source In the s, economic gains created a new consumer-driven society and enabled a family to live quite comfortably on one income.

Women who had taken factory work during World War II quit or were fired. As people strove for a conservative simplicity, the housewife became the feminine ideal of the day. Though the suburban lifestyle may seem shallow to some, and restrictive for women, it must be remembered that for twenty years people had been living in fear of poverty, and they had just emerged from the staggering losses of World War II.

The underlying fear of the nuclear bomb, the changes wrought by the Civil Rights Movement, and the perhaps overblown threat of communism took a backseat to a yearning for the simple, idealized life depicted in mass media.

Television transformed entertainment and the news, influencing trends and depicting fashion. With its tight cinched waist, billowing skirt, and pronounced bust line, the New Look recalled historic styles of the midth century and set the tone for the next decade.

Huge skirts needed the support of petticoats made of nylon mesh. Hoops, or crinoline cages, a relic of the s, were brought back. Sometimes, petticoats showed below the skirt hem, trimmed in pretty colors.

Clothing styles during the war years featured dull colors, squared shoulders, and a minimal use of fabric and embellishments due to wartime restrictions. The New Look offered a new opulence and a new look at femininity.

Nylon mesh petticoat Source Pencil Skirts and Big Skirts Tailored suits appeared very feminine, with tight waists and accentuated hips. Though Coco Chanel introduced her more comfortable, almost boxy, suit, relieved by a blouse with a pussycat bow, the long, slim look of a nipped-in waist and narrow skirt remained a popular silhouette.

For day wear and casual occasions, a wide skirt was worn without the large crinolines, for a soft, draped appearance. Shirtwaist dresses,often worn by TV housewives, were a popular alternative to the more exaggerated styles.

Halter-topped dresses were a casual alternative for the beach, or for summer cookouts and parties. From stripes to florals, prints generally appeared in colors on a white background.

1950 s 1960 s from housewive

Wild floral skirts, like the one above, contrasted with a plain-colored, short-sleeved knit top. Polka dots showed up in contrasting colors, like red on white and vice versaor dark blue and white, or white on white with nubby or textured dots. Dress circa Source Fabric and Technology of the s New advances in mass production allowed for more garments to be manufactured at greater speed and in greater quantity than ever before.The Housewife in the 's Still a man's world, but changing slowly.

With the exception of two World Wars when women were given jobs to keep the home fires burning and manufacturing various things to ensure victory was at hand, the role of the housewife had not changed much in an enormous amounts of decades; they were the little lady .

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1950 s 1960 s from housewive

Come on in and check out the thousands of shows we have in our collection. In order to be a 's housewife, mother, employee, etc., it was necessary to have been born and raised in the previous years.

Look at the kinds of social and economic upheavals under which they were raised. Rockin' Rob The Music Professor is a Hartford-area native, graduating from Bloomfield High School and the University of Hartford.

Rob's first swing through WDRC was from as a part-time promotions assistant while he was still in school. For a woman, were the s and s the best of times or the worst of times?

The life of the average married woman in the s and 60s was very different from that of today’s .

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